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2014 - 2018


The ‘white cube’ of a gallery is often seen as a place of exclusivity and discomfort: stand back, don’t touch, this isn’t for you. Drawing from Corban Estate’s domestic past, meet/space aims to be the very opposite – to instead create an inviting place of warmth and tactile familiarity within a gallery setting. Drawing together found materials and gathered phrases, meet/space is a ‘stumble upon’ place – one for contemplation and rest. The accompanying publication gathers documentation of similarly out of place domestic furniture. These pieces of furniture have been found on the side of the road, suggesting that these tactile places could be stumbled upon anywhere.

Hand-knit and embroidered yarn (wool and acrylic) and cotton embroidery thread

Found objects (furniture) and 38mm film

First iteration shown as indoors/outdoors (publication only) in AD14, AUT Graduate Show, 2014

Second iteration shown in Give me space, Corban Estate Art Centre, 2018

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