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(Window Weather)

2018 - 2019

A drawing work first conceived on a recent residency in Iceland. The title, Gluggaveður, meaning “window weather”, comes from an Icelandic phrase that describes the phenomenon where the view through a window of the outside landscape doesn’t match up to the reality of the weather.

Pieces of vintage wool blankets are first dyed with natural plant dyes in a palette responding to the colours of the surrounding natural environment, and then pieced back together into an abstract form, which in itself reflects the built environment. This new object is, in turn, placed back into the landscape it is attempting to describe. The landscape itself remains untouched, but the documentation is forever altered by this intervention.

These drawings are a further attempt to engage with the translation of tactile materials into a depiction or description of an idea (or story) without resorting to written language.

Hand-dyed and stitched vintage wool blanket

38mm film

First iteration shown in Gluggaveður, Bílskúrs Gallerí, Iceland 2018
Second iteration shown in Labour of Body, Corban Estate Art Centre, 2019

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