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2014 - Present

Intentionally ambiguous and open ended, Blanket Statement plays on the contrast between mass-consumption and artisanal ingenuity. The hand-stitched and knitted slogans that cover the piece are pulled from the language of advertisements and newspaper headlines - loud, loud, loud – while the blanket itself is soft, comforting, designed to be picked up, curled up in.

The slogans show only the merest snippets of the stories that lie behind the blanket - the full picture is ever-shifting, elusive.

Hand-knit and embroidered yarn (wool and acrylic) and embroidery thread (silk, cotton, and rayon)

First iteration shown at AD14, AUT Graduate Show, 2014

Also shown at Best In Show, Objectspace, 2015

Second iteration shown at White Night, Auckland Art Festival, 2015

Third iteration shown at First Thursdays: The Great Light Way, 2016

Fourth iteration (Blanket Statement: excerpts) shown in Sampler, Masterworks, 2017

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